What's In The Box

At Vitrazza, we've developed industry-leading packaging to make sure your glass chair mat arrrives in one piece and to keep boxes thin and easy to handle (only 2" wide).

Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza - Boxed

And when you order from Vitrazza, you can have confidence that we're taking care of every detail. We want you to have a great experience receiving your new Glass Chair Mat. So we're not just shipping the mat, we're including a Customer Care Envelope too.

Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza - Care Envelope

Inside you'll find our 10-Year Warranty, handling tips, cleaning tips and more.

Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza - Warranty Card

We give you a valuable plastic 'pry stick' which customers use to slip under the mat and pry it up when they want to lift or move it. We don't want you to use metal tools such as screwdrivers.

Glass Chair Mat by Vitrazza - Care Envelope Contents


Vitrazza's Stabil-a-dots™ help your new Glass Chair Mat stay in place and resist "travel" or "creeping".  So our Care Envelope includes 2 different sets; one labeled 'carpet' and the other labeled 'hard surface/wood flooring'. Choose the set that works for your floor and apply them to the bottom of your mat (one in each corner, 4 in a square pattern in the center).