Customer Service

How do you ship or deliver Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats?

Small and medium-sized Glass Chair Mats ship via FedEx Ground; there is no signature required and no appointment. The FedEx Ground driver will leave the carton at your front door or garage door like they would with any other package.

Larger Glass Chair Mats ship via FedEx Freight Priority. This service includes curbside or dock delivery; the customer will need to take the carton from there. FedEx Freight will schedule an appointment for residential deliveries, but not for commercial deliveries. Inside Delivery on FedEx Freight deliveries is available for $99.00; this service has the driver bring the large carton just across the front door of your home or office. Call us to add this service to an order.

Do you charge for delivery/shipping?

Vitrazza offers Free Shipping on all Prima Collection in-stock sizes as well as Vista Collection custom designs (lower 48 states only).

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada?

Yes! Please submit a request for a shipping quote on this page or call us at 1.800.711.8261 to speak to a Customer Service Specialist!

What is the normal turnaround time for an order?

All Prima Collection in-stock sizes ship out the same business day if ordered before 3pm MST. Turnaround time for Vista Collection custom designs is 2-3 weeks.

Does the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat come with a warranty?

Yes, each Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mat comes with a written Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

How do I file a Warranty Claim?

If your Glass Chair Mat breaks, which is extremely rare and unlikely, simply snap a photo of the broken mat in place and email it to along with your invoice or other purchase information. A Vitrazza Specialist will contact you immediately to review.

What if I have to move my Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat sometime later?

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from Tufver Glass™, which is exceptionally strong and very unlikely to break if handled with care. 

Use the Easy Lift Tool™ provided in your Care Envelope to slide under the mat and pull the mat up to stand it on edge (on carpet or a moving blanket). DO NOT use screwdrivers or metal tools. 

Moving your Glass Chair Mat from one room to another:
  • Wear gloves, use two people to carry.
Moving your Glass Chair Mat to a new location:
  • Wrap the mat with a moving blanket, tape to secure.
  • Use two people to carefully load into truck.
Moving your Glass Chair Mat from carpet to hardwood:
  • Stand mat on edge on a towel, rug or moving blanket.
  • Install provided Stabil-a-dots™ labeled for Hard Surface.
  • If you need more Stabil-a-dots, send a request to and we'll mail a set complimentary.


Measuring & Shape

How do I choose a size for my Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Visit our measuring tips page or call us at 1.800.722.8261 to speak with a Vitrazza® Specialist.

Does Vitrazza offer custom sizes and designs?

Yes! If one of 18 in-stock and ready to ship designs from our Prima Collection™ won't fit your desk, we'll work with you to create a custom design from our Vista Collection™. Vista Collection designs are tailored to fit any size office, and any style of desk and our Vitrazza Specialist will work with you to make the ordering process easy!

Usage & Durability

How many pounds will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat support?

A Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mat is designed to hold over 1,000lbs.

Will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat move or ‘creep’ on carpet?

It shouldn’t! We include our pioneering Stabil-a-Dot Bumper System™ in your Care Envelope. You get two sets of clear rubber bumpers to apply to the bottom of the mat, and they help keep mat in place. You also get a diagram with a recommendation for how to place the bumpers.

Can I use the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat on high-pile carpet?

Yes! The Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is an especially good chair mat for carpet in homes or offices with high-pile carpet since it is a firm, durable surface that won’t develop dents or ruts like a plastic mat. We also supply a Stabil-a-dot Bumper System designed specifically for use with high-pile carpet. 

Can I use a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat on hardwood, tile, or marble?

Yes! If you have beautiful hard floors in your office, you shouldn’t cover them up with cheap, dingy plastic mats. A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is clear, so it never distracts from hardwood, tile, or marble floor designs. And, to keep the mat properly in place, we include the Stabil-a-dot Bumper System in your Care Envelope. Stabil-a-Dots are thin, clear rubber bumpers which adhere to the glass and provide traction against your floor.

Will a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat be slippery if you have water on your shoes?

Water from shoes doesn’t pose a problem at all. We apply Invisible Shield Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches and to mitigate slip. Water is attracted to glass and this attraction normally causes water to stick to glass and spread out. This would naturally create more slip as the spread water comes between shoes and the glass. Our Nano-Tech Coating prevents this interaction and eliminates “spread”, allowing the water to bead instead.

Will the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat build up a static charge?

No! Unlike other mats, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is static-free.

Details & Specifications

Are Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats made from real glass?

Yes, all Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mats are made from solid 1/4-inch thick Tufver Glass™, our proprietary combination of toughened (heat-treated) glass and Invisible Shield Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches. It's Super-Strong!


How thick is a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from solid 1/4-inch thick Tufver Glass.


What is the edge profile on a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats include furniture-quality polished edges with a Mini-Bevel. These have a slight bevel so they are not sharp; the polish/bevel gives them a 'softened' edge that's easy to roll on/off. No need to worry about edge chips - the Mini-Bevel eliminates that issue!


What's in the box?

When you order from Vitrazza, you can have confidence that we're taking care of every detail. We want you to have a great experience receiving your new Glass Chair Mat. So we're not just shipping the mat, we're including our curated 'Care Envelope' too.

Vitrazza Care Envelope
Inside you'll find our Transferable Lifetime Warranty, handling tips, cleaning tips and more.
Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats Forever Warranty
Vitrazza's Stabil-a-dot™ Bumper System helps your new Glass Chair Mat stay in place and resist creeping.  So our Care Envelope includes 2 different sets; one labeled 'carpet' and the other labeled 'hard surface'. Choose the set that works for your floor and apply them to the bottom of the mat (we include a diagram).  
We give you a valuable Easy Lift Tool™ which customers use to slip under the mat when they want to lift or move it. We don't want you to use metal tools such as screwdrivers.
Learn more about unpacking and installing your new Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, watch this short video.