Sola by Vitrazza

Sola by Vitrazza

One-of-a-kind Art

For us, art evokes deep emotions. It inspires us to embrace our potential, and, for a moment, we glimpse the full wonder of the human experience. We fill our lives with art for the solemnity and the beauty, the sublime and the divine. And while any good art will enrich us, we form a special bond when something is commissioned as one-of-a-kind.

Vitrazza searched for a way to create works of art in Glass Chair Mats. We found a skilled artisan to permanently bond acrylic enamel to tempered glass using proprietary technology. Together we've created The Sola Collection.



Artfully and individually painted, each piece is genuinely one of a kind. Collectors of fine art understand the value of provenance and authenticity in the pieces they buy. That's why each one-of-a-kind piece in The Sola Collection has a Verisart Certificate of Authenticity. Using the world's most popular blockchain, Bitcoin, Verisart provides an immutable timeline of ownership and authenticity while protecting individual identity. As a result, the provenance of each piece in The Sola Collection cannot be corrupted, altered, or forged.

Our inaugural limited series is Nexus, where we explore the convergence of art, science, and technology in inspired glass furniture.

The Nexus Series features five color variants;


Bitcoined Brilliance

Like crypto-currency today, bronze enabled humankind to create objects that were harder and more durable than previously possible. Few inventions have streaked through humanity, portending such a brilliant future. Metallic bronze hues flow to infinity on a glass canvas, as the new coin of the realm is boundless.


Pearlescent Light

Pearls drew Julius Caesar to Britain. The incomparable crystalline gemstone beauty has been iconic for at least two and a half millennia. Here, dramatic strokes blend pearl white with metallic silver, and the radiance is as enduring as light itself.


Moonlit Ocean

Only moonlight on the ocean can connect dreams to the heart. Deep gray, flickers of silver, and streaks of blue create a vivid sense of the possible. Those who fear not the depths sail an incomparable voyage.


Gunmetal Shadows

Like echoes of incomparable power, luminous silver dances with swaths of metallic black and reminds us that shadows are but a product of light.


Verdant Amity

There is harmony in the incomparable emerald hues of isle landscapes. And when they blend with silver reflections of the sea and nestle against the mineral textures of sand, we are witness to God's favor.


Coming Soon...

We've been working on some new additions to the Sola Collection Nexus Series!


New Color Variant

HINT: From the smallest, most heterodox idea to a global revolution, cryptocurrency indeed now spans our earth. Welded to a common future, we see in crypto the flame of each other's individuality. Earth tones and deep blue connect us to where we have been, what we have discovered, and what has yet to be revealed.


Bitcoined Brilliance

Surprisingly, the two Bitcoined Brilliance pieces “flew off the shelves” as the first Sola Glass Chair Mats to sell. We weren’t sure which pieces would sell first, but we did not expect both pieces of one variant to sell back-to-back! Was it the cryptocurrency themed name or the increasingly trendy terra cotta color?

Since Bitcoined Brilliance appears to be a coveted item, we have decided to commission two more pieces! Since these are hand painted, one-of-a-kind pieces, they will be different!


"I am very pleased and believe it adds a nice "pop" to my office space. Thanks for your great product!"

- Jim Z., the First Collector of Sola

Photo courtesy of Jim Z. 


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