What Shapes Are Glass Chair Mats Offered In?

What Shapes Are Glass Chair Mats Offered In?

If you’re considering adding a Vitrazza® Glass Chair Mat to your office space, you might run into the problem of figuring out what shape of chair mat you need for the space you have. There are so many choices, but the thing is, there’s only one perfect choice for your space. All mats have rounded edges and no sharp corners, for a soft fit into any office. From rectangles to squares to round mats, you’re sure to find a smooth choice made perfectly for you and your space.

Rectangular Glass Chair Mats 

If you have a longer desk or wider office space, a Rectangle Glass Chair Mat might be the best choice for you. With 6 different sizes to choose from for rectangle mats, you’ll be able to choose which Glass Chair Mat will work for you and your space, depending on if you want a wider or a skinnier rectangle. If you want to make sure your mat also fits under your desk, Vitrazza makes tabbed Glass Chair Mats as well.

Square Glass Chair Mats 

For offices that are the same dimensions all the way around, a Square Glass Chair Mat is an excellent choice. There are four different sizes available, making this a great choice for stationary chairs in any standard office space. Simply use a smaller square to sit your chair in front of your desk, or choose a larger size to allow for a little more room for a longer smooth glide across your flooring.

Round Glass Chair Mats 

Round Glass Chair Mats are another super classy design that works with small stationary chairs or larger dimensions if you have the space. Round Glass Chair Mats come in 3 sizes so that you can choose the size that’s the most ideal for the office space you’re creating for yourself. Round Glass Chair Mats are great because they can tuck under your desk a little bit, if you choose to do so. They also allow for a little more mobility, along with a nice flowy shape to help out the design of your office when trying to create a functional space. 

Custom Glass Chair Mats - Design Your Own 

Do you have a unique office shape? Or do you want to cover a very specific section of your floor with your Glass Chair Mat? Then you’re the perfect candidate for our Custom Glass Chair Mats. If you like the square, rectangle, or round look, but can’t find a size that’s ideal for your office space, this is a great opportunity to choose a custom size up to 40 square feet. We also carry custom tab designs, including Left or Right Justified “La Branca” designs for L-Shaped desks and desks with drawers. 

If you have an L-Shaped desk with two sides, you’ll want to consider our Doppio design, and if you have two desks to swivel between, our Sotto 2 tab desk is ideal for you! Choose the design that works for you, and create your perfect office space, no matter how unique your desk arrangement is, or how large your space might be!

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