Do I Need A Tab On My Glass Office Chair Mat?

Vitrazza® carries 5 sizes of Glass Chair Mats that include a "Tab"—a 6" x 23" bump-out on the front of the mat. A tabbed mat is designed for use with a desk that has the traditional 24"+ opening between two drawer pedestals. See this example below.



The tab is notched out of the mat in order to wrap around the drawer pedestals and extend 6" under the desk. That extra 6" is intended to keep your chair casters on the Glass Chair Mat, if and when you work close to the desk. Approximately 80% of our customers find that they don't often sit close enough to the desk where they require a tab. In that case, one of Vitrazza's in-stock Prima Collection™ or Moda Collection™ Glass Chair Mats will work just fine.

Now, if your desk is completely open between the left and right leg, either because the drawer pedestals hang and don't go to the floor, or because there are no drawer pedestals, you definitely don't need a tab. If you'd like some of the mat to extend under the desk, you can simply slide the front of a square or rectangle shape under the desk. See this example below.



If you have an L-shaped desk (desk/return) and want a tab on one or both sides, take a look at the designs we can tailor make for you in our Custom Designed Vista Collection™. Vitrazza is happy to accommodate custom sizes up to 39 square feet (29 sq ft for non-standard designs). 

There is a price premium for the tabbed mats, so you want to be sure you need the tab before you choose that more expensive option. If you're wondering why there is a steep premium between a rectangle mat and the same size with an extra 6" tab, we outline that for you here:

  • First, of course, there is the extra material.
  • Second, the fabrication of the notches requires finishing by hand, which increases the cost.
  • Third, our packaging for tabbed sizes includes significantly more protection.
  • And finally, we incur higher freight shipping costs (vs. ground shipping) for 4 out of 5 of the tabbed units. Continental US shipping is FREE to Vitrazza customers, but the cost is built into the price.

Vitrazza is America's # 1 supplier of Glass Office Chair Mats, let our experience guide you in choosing the size and shape that works best for your workspace. The Prima Collection™ consists of our most popular sizes perfect for tight spaces and modest budgets, while The Moda Collection™ consists of 3 different styles, Tab, Round, and XL Glass Chair Mats to provide the smartest offices with distinction. Our flagship, The Sola Collection™, is home to inspired, one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece is a hand painted work of art and uses blockchain technology to certify authenticity and provenance. We can create a custom designed Vista Collection just for you up to 40 square feet. Vitrazza is happy to accommodate custom sizes up to 39 square feet (29 sq ft for non-standard designs). And every Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee with FREE returns and a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. Order online or call 1.800.711.8261 to speak with a Vitrazza Specialist.