Protect & Enhance Your Hardwood Flooring With A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

Protect & Enhance Your Hardwood Flooring With A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

Protect & Enhance Your Hardwood Flooring With A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

You've just installed new hardwood flooring, maybe distressed wide plank, reclaimed pine, or refinished vintage. Every detail is perfect, all your office furniture is in place, but you’re missing one important detail, you need something to protect your floor from daily scuffs. 

If you’d like to avoid unsightly scratches, scuffs, or dents from rolling your office chair on your hardwood floor, invest in a chair mat. They can double the lifespan of your flooring. What is the best chair mat for hardwood floors? The choice is clear! Opt for a Glass Office Chair Mat, and you’ll benefit from a sleek and professional appearance. Office chair wheels damage hardwood flooring over time because the hard plastic casters that come with office chairs don’t glide smoothly across the hard surface. 

There are 3 practical benefits to protecting your new floors with a Glass Chair Mat which include: 

  • They’re easier to clean
  • They last incredibly long 
  • They offer a certain luxury that other materials can not 

That’s why in this article we’re discussing why mats made from glass are the most effective solution to protect your hardwood floors while being simple and cost-effective. An investment in the protection of your office floor now can benefit you for years. 


Protect your hardwood flooring

Best Way to Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Office Chairs

Start with Soft Tread Office Chair Wheels

One of the biggest benefits of office chair mats is that they protect the floor below. Not only do they protect it from direct contact with your office chair, but they protect it from unforeseen occurrences, as well. Mats can absorb any impact from a falling object better than flooring alone can. 

But what protects your office mat and makes sure you get the longest lifespan from your purchase? The answer is soft tread office chair wheels that are specifically designed for an easy glide across hard surfaces. Most office chairs come with hard chair caster wheels made from plastic or hard nylon meant for soft carpeting, but by switching to a softer alternative made from urethane, you’ll be more comfortable at your desk and keep your office mat looking like new.

Choose a High-Quality Material

Desk chair mats, particularly glass chair mats, add a visual appeal to your office. High-quality glass provides an easy glide,  heavy-duty floor protection that can withstand daily use while matching the style of your office furniture.

Glass Office Chair Mats are the superior choice to low-quality plastic options, but not all are made the same. While tempered glass is naturally strong and dent-proof, a nano-tech coating added to the top surface enhances scratch resistance and will keep your mat looking new longer. Also, furniture-quality polished edges give you a beautiful style while eliminating nicks and chips that are common if the mat has square cut edges only.

So to protect your wood flooring consider a floor mat made of tempered glass and protected with a nano-tech coating. It's a better alternative to worn-out plastic mats. Some other alternatives include vinyl and polycarbonate desk mats, which are opaque and won’t enhance the look of your beautiful hardwood floor. Worse, plastic mats end up dented, cracked, and need to be replaced often. In reality, plastic mats aren’t protecting your floor - they're known to flat grind dust and debris into the wood.


Measure your workspace

Accurately Measure Your Workspace

By not measuring the proper area, you need your office mat to cover your chair can fall off the mat, scratch your floor, or limit your movement. To get the most floor protection out of your chair mat, evaluate the size of your workspace. If you’ve noticed that you like to move around frequently, you may prefer to size up and order a large office chair mat to improve maneuverability. If you tend to stay put throughout the day and only need a limited surface area, a smaller size may be the best option for your needs. 

Most office mats can’t be customized to fit your unique office space because they’re made in general sizes to fit most offices. But we don’t think that’s the best way to protect your floor and make sure your office looks professional. For example, we offer 18 in-stock sizes that are suitable for most chairs, but we can also work with you to create a custom option. Plastic, vinyl, bamboo, and rubber mats aren’t made to order and customizable like glass ones.

Choose an Office Chair Mat Designed for Any Floor Type

Your home office may not always be on a hardwood floor, so make sure that your office mat will work on any surface. Glass office mats are known to resist cracking on any pile carpet or hard surface, making it the perfect universal option for your office. Vinyl alternatives are designed for single-use on either carpet or hardwood, but not both.  

So whether you’re purchasing a mat for a home or corporate office, you’ll need to begin the buying process by considering the type of flooring in the workspace. Carpets tend to be plush and dense, which makes it difficult to maneuver. For rooms equipped with carpet flooring, opt for a mat that’s thick enough to resist being buried beneath the surface. In most cases, a mat that’s at least one-quarter of an inch thick should perform to your expectations. This measurement is versatile and will work well on most flooring types, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile.

Buy an Office Mat with a Lifetime Warranty 

Your flooring is built to last for decades, which also means your chair mat should be too. It’s not cost-effective to protect your floors with something that wears out over time and constantly needs to be replaced. A great office mat should last you years, and that’s why our Glass Office Chair Mats have a Transferable Lifetime Warranty; you’ll never need to buy another one. 

Most importantly, you never have to worry about a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat flat grinding dust into your floor. We prevent that trouble with our Stabil-a-dot™ Bumper System. We’ve included 3 sets of rubber bumpers we call Stabil-a-dots™. The slim set is for hard floors, the thicker set is for carpet, and the super sized set is for plush and high-pile carpets. Apply the relevant bumpers to the bottom of your mat per the enclosed diagram (the top of the mat, which has our protective coating applied, is indicated with a label). 

Clear and inconspicuous, these anti-slip 'Stabil-a-dots' stick to the bottom of the mat but not the floor, and they keep the mat firmly in place through simple friction. We even include a diagram for how to position these on your mat. Installing the Stabil-a-dots™ raises the Glass Chair Mat slightly off of the floor, which eliminates the usual flat grind issue with other mats.  

The Best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking to protect your floors long term and want to avoid the headache that comes with buying a new mat every couple of years, then consider the beauty and durability of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat. Strong, tempered glass will protect your wood flooring better than anything else you can buy. 

Vitrazza is the leader in Glass Office Chair Mats. Our products provide protection, style, durability, and ergonomic comfort either in a home office or in the corner office, where rolling office chairs can do so much damage. We also have a special readers discount if you want to order a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat today.