Custom Glass Chair Mat Guide


Custom Glass Chair Mats: A Comprehensive Guide

Custom Glass Chair Mat - Financial Advisor Office

If a standard sized office chair mat won't work in your office, consider a custom design from Vitrazza. Our glass chair mats are gaining popularity among home office professionals and business owners, and it’s easy to see why. Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are made from a super-strong glass - strong enough to hold 1,000lbs. So they never dent. And you'll glide on a smooth Glass Chair Mat - never feel stuck on soft plastic mats again. And you simply can’t beat the beautiful look of clear glass with polished edges and rounded corners. 

We stock 1 popular sizes that generally ship the next business day, and we design custom mats to f8it any workspace perfectly. At Vitrazza, we take customer satisfaction and customer service very seriously; you'll be able to tell with every interaction. We offer concierge-style customer service, professional sales & design as well as a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a Forever warranty.

We do understand, though, that glass chair mats are a cutting-edge concept. We also know that the idea of ordering a custom designed glass office chair mat might be a bit daunting. For that reason, we put together this comprehensive guide. We hope you find this helpful, and as always, if you have questions or are ready to get started, contact us anytime!

Common Reasons for Needing a Custom Chair Mat

There are many potential reasons for needing a custom chair mat in your office. Chair mats protect the underlying floor, regardless of whether it’s hardwood, tile, or carpet. They prevent scuffs, marking, indentations, and stains (including the inevitable coffee stains). In a nutshell, chair mats extend the life of your flooring. These mats, especially glass chair mats, are also very low maintenance – they’re easy to clean and offer aesthetic appeal. And, of course, chair mats keep you on a roll – literally; they make it easier for you to maneuver your office chair and get work done with less stress.

Office chair mats aren’t one-size-fits-all, however. They’re not one-shape-fits-all, either. Sometimes, what is available pre-made just won’t fit your workspace. That’s where chair mat customization comes in.

There are several common reasons for needing a custom chair mat. These include:

Your office is oddly shaped.

When many of us think of rooms, we think of the shape of a square. It’s true that most rooms are indeed designed in that manner, but not all. From oval offices to those with diagonal walls, rooms come in all shapes and sizes. If your office is located in an area that goes against tradition, you may need a mat that does as well.

Your desk is oddly shaped.

Of course, desks come in a variety of shapes, too. Not every desk is a rectangle. Some are L-shape, some are U-shape…some have a credenza across from them. If your desk is unique, you’ll need a chair mat to match.

You require a bigger mat.

Another reason to purchase a custom chair mat has to do with size. If you need a chair mat to cover more ground than say, a 48x48 mat, you’re probably going to have to ask for a large custom mat. 48” x 72” mats, 60” x 80” mats, or even something like 51.5” x 76 ¾”…the possibilities are endless.

Custom chair mats make your office feel tailor made for you and the way you work. 

Now that you know why you need a chair mat, it’s time for the design. This process is simple and requires very little from the customer. In the next section, we’ll discuss the information you’ll need to gather and send us in order to make the ordering process go smoothly.

Details Needed to Design a Custom Chair Mat

Custom Glass Chair Mat - Wood Floor


Determining the right custom Glass Chair Mat is easy. You don’t need to have a degree in interior design to help create the ideal customization for your workspace. You do need to have an idea of what you want, however.

Vitrazza stocks 12 popular sizes, so before you start working on a custom size, be sure to check out what’s already in stock. These will always be more economical, and they ship within a day or two. But if you’re at the point where you know you need a custom design, here’s the next easiest option – a custom sized square or rectangle.  With no notches or cutouts, these would be the simplest and most economical custom option. For you, it involves nothing more than measuring out the square or rectangular floor space you want to cover. Then just call or email us with those dimensions as well as the shipping address – we can get a quote to you the same day!

What You Should Know About Custom Chair Mats for L-Shaped Desks

If you have an L-shaped desk, or what is often called a desk with a return, you’ll probably want a custom mat with a ‘tab’ to extend under one or both sides of the L. While with this design measuring may require a little more involvement, we make it easy by providing two examples to start with. See the two drawings below; just choose one of these designs and then simply fill in the dimensions that work for your desk.  

You don’t need to provide us with a scaled drawing, or anything more than a hand drawn, back of the napkin type sketch.  We’ll take whatever you provide and re-draw it to scale and send it back to you for review along with a quote. And if you need assistance while determining dimensions, don’t hesitate to call – our friendly staff can walk you through the process.

If you have an L-shaped desk, give us a call to learn how our innovative mats can work for you!

Now that we’ve discussed L-shaped desks, let's explore how custom chair mats work when your chair sits between a desk and a credenza.  

What You Should Know About Custom Chair Mats Between a Desk and Credenza


If your home office has a desk with a credenza facing it, a custom chair mat will look different than it does for an L-shape desk. So, what do you need to know? How do you assure you order the right type of chair mat for your setup?

Determine the width

Many people assume that the width of a custom chair mat should be the same as the width of the desk, but this isn’t really necessary. In fact, with a desk and credenza oftentimes they’re not the same width, so you’ll have to decide where in this area you typically roll and size it accordingly. Some people prefer that the width only go as wide as the center point on the desk’s drawer handles.

Front to back

The space between the desk and the credenza is significantly different than the width – you do want to fill this space completely, but with approximately ½” clearance. So if the available space were 48” wide, we’d recommend designing the mat to be 47.5”.


You’ll want to decide if you want two tabs or just one. Some folks want a tab going into the opening of the desk, as well as one going into an opening for the credenza. If you do want two tabs (see the example below), be sure to measure their width (they may be the same, but don’t have to be). And here as well, when you determine the width of the tab, leave about ½” less than the opening (so 28” opening means 27.5” width).

Finding the right chair mat for your desk and credenza is easier than it sounds, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by the process, we’re happy to help. Call or email to work with one of our experienced sales associates.

General Tips on Measuring

Regardless of the size or shape, there are some general tips to consider regarding custom chair mats:

The corners

We recommend rounded corners when those corners will be visible. Corners that aren’t rounded are ‘bumped’, which means that they’re square, but not sharp. Of course, we’re happy to accommodate any request, but by limiting the rounded corners, you reduce the price of your custom Glass Chair Mat.

Measure correctly

The tabs on a chair mat fit into a fixed opening in the desk; be sure to measure this opening at the floor so that you account for any trim around the base. We always recommend a bit of breathing room between the exact opening and the width of the tab (approximately .5” and 1”). This ensures that the glass will fit without being too tight.

Keep tabs on your tabs

Typically, the tabs we design have a depth of 6”; for most customers this will be enough to keep your chair casters on the mat when you work close to the desk. However, some customers prefer them as deep as 10”. While this is doable, we don’t recommend tabs beyond that size for three reasons. One, the purpose of the tab is to keep the chair casters on the mat and 6” is sufficient for this. Two, deeper tabs add to the price without adding to the efficiency (and this is more wasteful of glass, too). Three, mats with deeper tabs are more vulnerable to damage during shipping and handling. The deeper the tab, the more compromised the foundation.

What to Expect When Ordering a Custom Office Mat

Vitrazza - Customer on Phone

As discussed previously, there are several reasons that you might consider ordering a custom office mat. But, what happens when you do? What can you expect from the process?

Once you have an idea of the design you want, contact us with the dimensions or even email us a simple sketch. If you aren’t so sure, call to discuss your concerns with one of our Vitrazza Custom Glass Chair Mat Specialists  -we’re happy to help.

After the design is clear, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote and a scaled drawing. We can go through a couple of revisions with you if we need to change it after you’ve had a chance to review.

Once you have the design and price you want, we’ll get your order started. Payment is due when you place your order, and the turnaround time is between 14-28 days.

Once your glass chair mat is ready, we carefully package it and ship it to you via FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight (this depends on the size of your mat). If you are near our home office in Golden, CO (pretty much anywhere on the front range of Colorado), we can also offer White Glove Delivery and installation for a small additional charge.

That’s it, ordering is pretty simple and Vitrazza is very experienced with custom designs so we know how to handle anything that comes our way.  

We know you’ll love the quality of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, and we’re proud of every single mat that leaves our facility. That’s why each customer gets a written Forever Warranty, which protects against any defects or design flaws that cause the mat to break while in place. Our mats are incredibly strong – made by spec to 10,000psi – but if you have a rare damage event, we’ll stand behind it. Our warranty claims are processed quickly and efficiently. Simply take a photo of the broken glass chair mat and email it to us. We will process your claim immediately and respond within 2 business days. Once your claim is approved, we will either replace your glass chair mat with an identical mat or refund the purchase price.

These glass office chair mats aren’t just easy to order, they’re beneficial to your business, as well! Next, we’ll discuss why these mats are the smartest choice, no matter what size or type of business you own.

How Glass Chair Mats Benefit Your Business

From this...Back Pain

To this...

So far, we've covered a lot of information about custom desk chair mats. You know why to order them, how to order them and many details in between. But if you're a business owner or small business decision maker, you'll also want to know how Glass Chair Mats help your business. It turns out, they help in several ways.

First of all, custom glass chair mats provide ergonomic benefits. Users are no longer stuck in dents and ruts from plastic and they can glide free and easy. This easy motion prevents perching, scooting, grasping the desk to move and other forms of strain related to trying to move your desk chair around. Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats significantly reduces fatigue associated with sitting for long periods of time.

This ergonomic comfort translates into healthier legs and backs and overall healthier employees. That helps keep production up because you’ll have fewer employees taking unexpected time off. Ergonomic comfort also leads to happier employees – no one wants to come to a job filled with discomfort. Not surprisingly, happier employees are more productive than miserable ones!

Vitrazza glass chair mats are beautiful too. Unlike vinyl mats, which have a clouded, dingy look, clear Glass Chair Mats provide a designer aesthetic to  any office. They protect the floors without compromising your décor. 

Sure, looks are important, but the eco-friendliness of custom glass chair mats is something we’re really proud of. Glass is a fully recyclable, sustainable product. When compared to plastic, the carbon footprint of glass is much smaller. It also doesn’t contain Bisphenol A, a controversial chemical used in plastic production that may interfere with the hormones inside the human body. It also has zero off gassing.

Finally, as discussed earlier, it’s hard to beat glass when it comes to strength and durability. In fact, Vitrazza’s Glass Chair Mats are designed to hold 1,000 pounds! And, unlike plastic chair mats that need to be replaced every few years, Vitrazza’s Glass Chair Mats last for decades. They don’t dent or crack like so many cheap, vinyl mats.

Now that you know more than you ever thought possible about custom glass mats, perhaps you’re ready to discuss a design with a Vitrazza Specialist. To get started, Fill Out Our Simple Custom Mat Inquiry Form Here.

You can also email us at, send a fax to 720-789-7535 or call us at 1-(800)-711-8261 x4.

We can’t wait to share the beauty and comfort of custom Glass Chair Mats with you! We guarantee that once you give them a try, you’ll never even consider another chair mat again.