7 Reasons You’re Uncomfortable Sitting at Your Desk

7 Reasons You’re Uncomfortable Sitting at Your Desk

Most people at one time or another will experience back pain; it's exceedingly common. But, while we may equate this back pain with heavy lifting or hours spent standing on our feet, this isn't always the case. In fact, according to The Good Body, some studies suggest that around 54 percent of people who experience back pain do so as a result of sitting for long periods.


It's not just back pain; sitting for hour after hour can make you hurt all over. So, how do you remedy this? It begins with knowing why you're uncomfortable in the first place. 


Working at a desk can be uncomfortable, but these tips may help. They're simple, easy-to-follow suggestions that may mean the difference between enjoying your job and hating it – quite literally – down to your bones.


Here are a few reasons you may be experiencing pain:


You're Sitting for Too Long

Photo of a woman in a striped shirt standing up from a desk clutching her back and wincing as if in pain

Sitting too long – especially if you stay in one position – wears on your body. It puts constant pressure and strain on certain bones and muscles, leaving you sore and hurting. If you work in an office, sitting can't be avoided, but aim to break up the monotony by getting up and moving around. Do some light yoga or go for a five to ten-minute walk at least once an hour. If you can't do that, then move in your chair – fidget, stretch your legs, and stomp your feet. 


You Have the Wrong Chair

photo of blonde woman in a blue shirt and a pencil skirt sitting in a task chair at a desk clutching her low back as if in pain

Not all desk chairs provide the same benefits. Ergonomic chairs are designed with the skeletal system in mind. While trendy chairs offer a nice aesthetic, they're often a poor choice for frequent or long-term use. Ergonomic chairs like the X-Chair, help you maintain your posture and decrease the strains that cause back problems and carpal tunnel. If your job requires sitting for long periods, they're a necessity.


Your Keyboard Isn't Situated Correctly

top view of a man's hands typing at keyboard on a desk with a cup of coffee beans

The position of your keyboard is critical to your overall level of comfort. Per Healthy Computing, the keyboard should be placed in a manner that allows you to keep an open angle with your arms. This is usually just above the lap. It's lower than folks typically have it, but it's better for the body.


Your Monitor is Too Low

A woman with brown hair at a desk looking down and straining to see her computer monitor

If your monitors are too low, it will force you into a position of constantly looking down. Tech neck, a term coined to describe the posture formed by looking down for prolonged periods, has become an extremely common issue thanks to increased smartphone usage. Poor neck posture will not only cause pain in your neck but could cause pain anywhere along the spine. Monitor height should be set so that the top of the screen is at, or slightly below, eye level. For monitors that aren't adjustable, Monitor Risers can lift your screen to an appropriate level.

You Have an Underlying Condition

photo of two doctors in white lab coats standing in a hospital corridor examining an xray image by holding it up to the light

As mentioned above, back pain affects most everyone. Yet severe pain (or pain that won't go away, gets worse, or involves other symptoms) warrants a doctor's visit. Underlying issues – from herniated disks to old injuries – may be the cause.


You Hate Your Job

A man with dark hair sitting in front of a computer at a desk with his face in his hands as if tired and frustrated

Yep, hating your job can be the cause of physical pain. If your body tenses and stiffens the second you set foot in your office, it may be trying to tell you something. And that something is, "Update your resume and apply somewhere else."


Your Foundation Sucks

A computer chair in a field of grass

Are you one of the millions who have converted that extra bedroom into your work from home office? Maybe you spent the money and took the time to buy a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. If so, that was a great choice to invest in your physical well-being. But the chances are that fancy new chair is sitting on carpet, making it quite the struggle to move around. Maybe you bought a plastic chair mat, which has dented and cracked after a few short months of use.


The truth is… your foundation sucks. If you are not able to easily roll your office chair – due to squishy carpet or ruts in your chair mat – then you’re creating strain in the body. Strain equals pain, so be sure to focus on your foundation and get a chair mat that allows you to move effortlessly.


The Choice is Clear

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