5 Tips to Survive Working From Home this Fall

5 Tips to Survive Working From Home this Fall

5 Tips to Survive Working From Home this Fall

Whether your home office is for running a business, a remote workspace, or a simple space for paying bills and organizing your life, you deserve an office that inspires creativity and allows you to get down to business. Unfortunately, home offices can be the most neglected space in our homes.

With the winter season just around the corner, it’s time to make your home office work for you. Cozy up your space this season with these simple tips.


Infuse the Room with Fragrance

aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and a candle


The sense of smell is one of the most effective and practical tools you can use to transform your space. This is because the olfactory system (the sensory system used for smelling) is in the same part of our brain that affects emotions, mood, memory, and creativity. The power of smell is so influential that many brands utilize scent marketing to improve brand perception and build an emotional connection with consumers.

You can use this technique to enhance your mood during a stressful Zoom meeting or to inspire your creativity. A few ways you can use scent as part of your work from home strategy are:


Light a Scented Candle:

Lighting a candle will provide a soothing warm light and fill the room with an inviting fragrance.

Use a Candle Warmer:

If an open flame is a safety concern, instead, opt for a candle warmer. Some warmers on the market can also double as a coffee warmer.

Practice Aromatherapy:

Beat dry air and ignite your senses with an essential oil diffuser. These fragrant plant extracts don’t just smell amazing, but they offer proven therapeutic benefits when it comes to emotions and mood. Depending on the essential oil, when inhaled, the body releases certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, to calm, relax, or stimulate.


Drink Warm Beverages 

photo of a woman in a chunky knit blanket holding a coffee mug


For centuries, ancient health modalities like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have recommended eating with the season. This means that a person would eat naturally cooling foods such as citrus, melons, and fish in the warmer months and warming foods such as squash, spices, and red meat in the cooler months. To put it simply, warming foods help to improve circulation and warm the body.

In addition to your morning cup of coffee, one way to stay warm and cozy is to keep the warm beverages flowing throughout the day. Not only does herbal tea keep you warm, but it also offers valuable immune-boosting benefits. Warming teas include black tea, spiced chai, and ginger tea.


Bring the Outdoors in

Photo of a desk with plants


The cold weather of winter often means less time in nature. If you find that your home office is feeling a bit drab, try bringing the outdoors in! If you’ve seen our Instagram page, you’ll likely notice that we love plants in the workplace! Unfortunately, while plants do purify the air, they do so at such a slow rate that it won’t make much of an impact unless you create a literal jungle in your office. If clean air is what you’re after, maybe just get an air purifier and enjoy the plants for their therapeutic benefits instead.

New to plant parenthood? Try any of these five easy-care houseplants that anyone can grow!

photo of dried wheat in a vase


Another way to bring nature inside is with a DIY dried floral arrangement. A dried arrangement is a simple way to decorate your home with real flowers without the need to replace them over and over again. Arrangements can be as simple as dried wheat in a vase or an elegant collection of elements of varying colors, textures, and sizes. 


Get Plenty of Light

photo of a desk in the sunlight


Winter also means shorter days and less sunlight. Sunlight is our primary source of Vitamin D, which is essential for the development and proper function of the body. Research shows that vitamin D plays a vital role in immune function. A deficiency, which is common in the winter months due to increased time spent indoors, may increase your susceptibility to infections.

Sunlight is also known to play an integral role in regulating hormones, especially Melatonin, the sleep hormone. Poor sleep has been linked to mental and physical health issues, such as mood, thinking, metabolism, and immune issues. Exposure to morning sunlight and a reduction of artificial light during evenings is essential for regulating melatonin secretion in the body.  

If possible, allow for plenty of natural light in your home office space. If your home office has little to no sunlight, such as a basement, you can use strategic lighting to mimic the natural pattern of the sun. Using bright overhead lighting during the day will encourage alertness while using softer warm lights such as incandescent task lights, salt lamps, or candles in the evening will signal the body to wind down.


Roll Easy with a Glass Chair Mat

Photo of a woman at a desk


If comfort and style are requirements for your home office, a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza offers long-lasting durability, beauty, and Easy-Glide ergonomic comfort. Unlike plastic mats, a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will Last a Lifetime, look stunning, and will never develop the dents and ruts that frustrate you when trying to roll your office chair.


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