Are Glass Chair Mats Worth It?

Are Glass Chair Mats Worth It?

Vitrazza is proud to be in touch with our consumers. We’ve seen the questions and heard the comments. We’ve been around long enough to understand that people generally have to double take the idea of a Glass Chair Mat. “Won’t it break?” (no) and “Wow, they’re expensive” (eh, sort of… keep reading) are commonly asked questions. But outside of the doubt, these remarks are almost always followed up with “Are Glass Chair Mats worth it?”

The answer, unequivocally, is YES. Glass Chair Mats are worth it. Not only are Glass Chair Mats scientifically proven to have ergonomic benefits, but they are sleek and aesthetically pleasing for your carefully designed space and they help protect the integrity of your flooring better than any other option on the market. Where other mats cloud over, glass stays clear and clean, displaying your flooring exactly as you intend.

Outside of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, the two most common options for a floor mat are either polyvinyl chloride (cheap plastic) or polycarbonate (slightly more expensive plastic). While inherently an unsustainable material, these types of mats are not built to last and are, frankly, incorrectly marketed. Companies sell these mats as “floor protectors,” but in reality, the designs of cheap plastic are actually doing damage to your beautiful home floors (both carpet and hard materials).


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Mats

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mats are the cheaper of the two options, and upon purchase, you’ll quickly be able to tell why. These mats are flimsy, but somehow resistant to actually unrolling into a flat state for use. Couple this inconvenience with age, or, you know, actual product use, and you’ll find yourself replacing this type of mat regularly. These mats require you to pay a cheap price over and over again only to actually cause damage to your floors. This material is unforgiving on both carpets and hard flooring as the repetitive motion of use wears away the integrity of the mat and continuously grinds in dirt and debris into your flooring. Even with regular cleanings, the material prevents a truly bare surface ideal for use as the product intends.

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats are proven to last five times longer than a standard PVC vinyl mat. And with a base price of a PVC mat ranging from $20 - $150, you’ll quickly exceed the singular cost of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat that not only lasts longer but has a transferable lifetime warranty. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of fixing, or more likely replacing, your damaged flooring caused by use of the cheap vinyl mat, but we’ll explore that more later.


Polycarbonate Mats

Ok, now let’s look at polycarbonate mats. While marketed as an upgrade to the PVC variety due to production using a stronger plastic, the real-life results of these mats are floors (and budgets) that are equally damaged. Yes, polycarbonate mats are slightly higher quality than a PVC mat, but all that really means is that they will wear out slightly slower and will be slightly more protective than a traditional, flimsy PVC mat.

Vitrazza Glass Chair Mats last, on average, seven times longer than a polycarbonate mat. For being an “upgrade” to PVC, the math there doesn’t really add up. Consider too, that polycarbonate mats range in price from about $65 - $300 dollars. You’ll only buy two fewer polycarbonate mats than PVC mats over the same amount of time, all of which could be avoided with a single purchase of a Brava Collection Glass Chair Mats by Vitrazza, starting at $195.


Do it for the Floors

Aside from the prohibitive costs that add up over the lifetime of purchasing plastic chair mats, your floors are fundamentally not being protected from damage. Plastic mats, regardless of perceived toughness, are still plastic, which is prone to cracking, fading, and ruts from use, all while causing damage to your floors. The spikes commonly found on a vinyl mat are the worst culprits, as one would suspect. But even mats free of these “features” lack protection for your floor. 

Vinyl cannot really protect your floor from impacts the way that a certified tempered Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat with Invisible Shield® Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating can, and cleaning vinyl will never be as easy and effective as cleaning glass. What about those micro-movements required from you for proper ergonomics during the day? Those wear at your vinyl mat and that mat doesn’t protect the floor all that well. The result is a damaged floor with a permanent outline of your plastic mat (best case) or a floor that looks vandalized from a belt sander (worst case). Check out this photo sent in by a customer who had their laminate flooring destroyed by their old plastic chair mat:


 Floor damaged by plastic chair mat


Additionally, consider that the cost of a plastic mat is not only that of the initial purchase and consistent replacement, but the damage they can cause to flooring will require you to fix, if not replace your floors entirely! According to Forbes, replacing flooring in a 500-square foot room is ranges as follows:

  • Laminate Hardwood: $850 - $2,300
  • Carpet: $1,500 - $4,000”
  • Tile: $3,500 - $5,500
  • Real Hardwood: $3,000 - $10,500


Oh, and they also added a disclaimer with these prices, noting that in our post-pandemic society, these prices are the at the low end for these projects due to rising costs of materials and a consistent labor shortage.

So how much is your plastic chair mat really costing you? Consider instead the singular purchase of a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat, complete with a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. They are a beautiful, visually appealing long-term solution that will actually protect your home and give you peace of mind while using. Starting at $195 and fully customizable, these investments will reap long-term benefits in many ways.

Unlike plastic mats, a Glass Chair Mat looks stunning, will never develop dents and ruts, and should be the Last Chair Mat You'll Ever Buy.

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