Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the Office

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the Office

Looking for fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at work? This Irish cultural holiday is widely celebrated throughout the United States, and your team may enjoy the chance to get festive at the office. If you’d like to honor this special day with work-appropriate activities, take a look at the options we share here: 

Offer a Prize for Wearing Green

The color green is a well-known symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, and this tradition comes from Ireland’s nickname: The Emerald Isle. Wearing green is one of the most popular nods to the holiday, and it can be fun to hold a prize drawing for those who don this color. An Amazon gift card or similar reward is a great option for the lucky winner, and the prize drawing will add some excitement to the workday.

Play Irish Tunes

Playing some lively Irish tunes will invigorate the office and set the tone for an entertaining day. If your workplace has access to a Spotify account, browse the selection of playlists designed for St. Patrick’s Day. From traditional Irish folk music to iconic songs from the Irish band U2, you’ll find a host of Irish-themed music on streaming apps like Spotify or Amazon Music.

Host an Irish-Inspired Potluck

Hosting a potluck is a classic way to bring the office together, and St. Patrick’s Day offers a special opportunity to sample Irish-inspired dishes. Traditional fare like slow-cooked Irish stew and Irish coddled pork with cider are simple to prepare and transport, if employees are looking for inspiration on what to bring. Or, opt for the customary bangers and mash or corned beef sandwiches.

Go Out for Happy Hour as a Group

If your team would prefer to skip the pot luck, head out as a group for happy hour at a local pub or bar. St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent opportunity to have some fun outside the office, and sipping on green beer can be a stress-free method for relationship building.

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